Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Stash Blanket - rectangle granny stitch blanket

                                                              STASH BLANKET

I have way too much yarn...................
Quarter balls, half balls scraps everywhere, yes i am a yarn hoarder. Well its time for a clear out, i just cant keep buying storage boxes. They are starting to take over the house !
 I have years of leftover yarn of all weights, the yarn with no band on would be too hard to recognise or match up to be turned into a garment so I've sorted all this yarn together to try come up with a project big enough to incorporate all the stash and make some room in the house. So if i use it all up ill have room for new yarn , makes sense, right?

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Granny stitch blankets are so easy and fast to work up. I got my daughter Rachel (12) and her friend Nadine (11) to pick what colours they wanted for a blanket each. Rachel picked all pastel shades and Nadine went for the stronger colours. I decided to size them for the girls according to their height so the blankets go from head to toe. They ended up near enough to a single/twin bed size. which i reckon would take 12 x 100g balls.

I used 100% acrylic yarn, not all the yarn was the same weight, each blanket has dk, aran, chunky and 4 ply. I was delighted that i didn't end up with lumps and bumps or any pulls from working the different weights together. The entire blanket was done on a 4.5mm hook.
One thing to bear in mind is to place similar weights next to each other i.e after a row of 4ply use a dk yarn not aran or chunky. The majority weight used was dk.
I did try to match the colours in sequence but as the rounds got larger some of the smaller quantities wouldn't complete a round, so i mixed and matched as best as i could.

I do suggest not mixing fibres and using the smaller amounts of yarn 1st as a smaller amount will go further.

I am delighted with the end results and have already starting the next stash blanket using all my blue shades, it wont be as big but i cant wait to see how the colours work together.

If you keep going with this it will work out the size for a single/twin bed. It is very straight forward and easy to follow. A perfect way to use up your stash!

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